ZeroTier Windows Client Not Getting IP Address

I have several networks setup in ZeroTier and they work fine, but for some reason this one network when I connect with the zerotier windows app (1.10.2) the adapter gets a bogus 169.254.x.x dummy address. I can go into my network adapters choose the virtual tap adapter with the zerotier network id and manually set the ip settings with a static in the range that zerotier is supposed to use and I can communicate with the local subnet of the remote network I am connecting to as expected. I am very confused by this and would love some help. I already forgot the network in the windows app and deleted the member from and then added it all back in and still no dice. I should not have to go into the adapter settings and set a static IP in the windows pc everytime I connect to zerotier, I don’t have to with any other networks I have in Zerotier.

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