Zerotier with OpnSense with multi wan, and HA, join forces

I am building a thread to collect all people interested in using zerotier with opnsense in a complex configuration with multi wan and HA. I will cross post this also to opnsense forum.

The questions are:

  1. is ZeroTier officially supported in OpnSense?
  2. what happens if I install ZeroTier in an OpnSense with multi wan? Loadbalancing? Failover?
  3. what happens if I have an OpnSense HA active/passive configuration, expecially if I want to publish routes via ZeroTier

Regarding point 2 I have made first tests: failover works perfectly, if I disconnect first wan, then reconnect, then disconnect second wan I notice only an brief increase in latency of ping but zerotier vpn continue to work and people do not notice the wan disconnection at all.

Please help to have definitive information about these three points!

I also leverage ZT and OPNsense. Architecturally similar to your items above. We are extending Opnsense to support cellular public gateway functionality for local breakout session termination and ZT for the signalling plane. -Rob

Very nice to hear that I am not alone. I hope Zerotier guys can reply to explain better at least the behaviour of zerotier with multiple wan (and without zerotier bonding).

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