ZeroTier with UDM SE

I have the production version of the UDM SE controller and followed the instructions on how to install ZeroTier (Ubiquiti | ZeroTier Documentation). Unfortunately those instructions will not work for the SE version as the OS is different from the regular UDM lines.

The first step fails because under this OS the /config/data/firstboot/install-packages directory does not exist.

Any advice? Thanks!

You may try poking around Since Ubiquiti can’t settle on an OS for their lineup, you may be SOL for a bit, though. It looks like the UDR, UDM, UDM-Pro, and UDM-Pro SE are all running something different.

Maybe your best bet is actually running a low-powered box just for ZeroTier, and pivot from that for whatever your remote needs are. That’s what I’ve done at home (UDM-P), a niece’s house (USG), and two others (ER-X). I like the Atom boxes from the likes of MinisForum, as they’re silent and very low-power.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. I have a Synology NAS that I can use as a jump box. When you say “running a low-powered box just for ZeroTier”, you mean installing ZeroTier as a standalone on that box and run my global private WAN from there? Or just adding that pivot box to my existing ZT cloud network?

If you could share how you setup ZT with your UDM-P, that would be fantastic. I want to be able to access my Protect cameras remotely through ZT.

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