ZT Client Should Detect if Connected to a LAN and Disconnect from Associated Network

The ZT client should detect if it is physically on a LAN and disconnect from the ZT network that has a route defined for that subnet.


User belonging to network is assigned a laptop with ZT installed on it. The ZT network defined has 172.30.0./24 defined as a route and is pushed to the ZT client. This is fine when the user is offsite and using the laptop remotely. However, when they come onsite and physically connect to the local network of, the ZT client should detect this and automatically disconnect from the ZT network.

The main purpose of running a ZT client is to achieve VPN connectivity from outside a LAN, it makes no sense for the ZT client to maintain connectivity to the ZT network if the host PC is on the LAN.

What version of ZT is installed on laptop and what OS? This problem was solved for sure for Linux OS. ZT routes are added with metric (5000). Not sure if this is option is availible for other OSes.

Thanks for pointing out the route metric - I didn’t think about that. Yes, that would definitely achieve the same effect, technically speaking.

To your question though, I’m running the latest ZT client - v1.10.1 on Windows 10/11 Pro. I checked the route table and I see that the route for my ZT Network is added with a 291 metric. The On-Link connection has a metric of 281, so it looks like the traffic bound for the LAN should never make it over to the ZT interface (confirmed this with a pathping).

Looks like my feature request isn’t needed after all.

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