ZT for Home Assistant ... in HACS

Hi! I know that is possible to use ZT as an add-on for Home Assistant (supervised) but with my HA I can’t use addons, I’ve to install third-party integrations using HACS… there is not any “ZT package” here :frowning:
Help me, please.

I’ve installed ZT in my RPi server where is HA installed (as a docker) but only work accesing to RPi services (but not for dockers’ one)

Hi pharizna!

Thanks so much for posting, as Home Assistant with ZeroTier is a great use case.

I am not sure about the ins and out of HA addons, but the Home Assistant ZeroTier plugin can be found on this Home Assistant Community Add-on: ZeroTier One GitHub repo, as it’s managed by a 3rd party developer. →
GitHub - hassio-addons/addon-zerotier: ZeroTier One - Home Assistant Community Add-ons

Thanks for your help but I tried to explain I can’t use addons in my Home Assistant installation :frowning:

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