ZT latest pi + zerotier-cli : ssh disconnects on interface after seconds

I’ve been using ZT reliably on OSX/Windows for quite some time.
I just am trying out ZT on a RPI3B+ and am having a weird problem.

i. The Pi has latest rpi linux distro 5.15.76-v8+ #1597 + ZT installed 1.10.2
ii. I can connect to the Pi via Wifi reliably from my pc using ssh. No dropouts or issues.
iii. I can connect the Pi ZT network to the virtual interface and it pings fine (2-4ms) with no lost packets
iv. Everything is using ipv4 only
v. The rest of my ZT network and devices are working fine

If I ssh to the ZT interface, it connects and I can signin via ssh. But after a few seconds of the cli working fine,
my ssh session disconnects. This happens every time.

I don’t think its fw setting because the connection actually works fine intially.

Appreciate some thoughts ?

is you RPi syncing time?

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