ZT on IOS will silently disconnect after some time

I am running ZT on IOS (13&14) devices (iphone, ipad) and can successfully connect them to my network.
However, after some time, they will silently disconnect.
After that I will need to flip-on the connection in ZT app.
Any suggestion how to keep the connection permanent?

Hello. It does that. I’m not sure exactly what causes ios to decide to turn off zerotier.

We’ll have to do the “always-on” feature someday.

‘Always-on’ would be huge. I was sort of expecting it to do that. Sadly, it disconnects on me as well - sometimes to the point where it refuses to reconnect until I power down and reboot the device.

Some context: If virtual networks like this were cars, ZT would be a Lexus, and NeoRouter would be a Pacer. I’m in the process of purging NR from my life. Once that’s done, I’ll hop in my Lexus ZT and never look back.

For my private digital life, that will be fine. I can deal with the occasional glitch. However, it’s going to be a sticking point selling the idea to my employer if it drops all the time. VPN access for iOS devices is the killer feature here, and if users are always having to reconnect, there will be badness. Mind you, it’s still better than the insult we get on iOS from NR, but…

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Made a poll/vote thing here Always-On for iOS

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