ZT on Podman (UDM-Pro)

I have installed the ‘zerotier-one’ container using Podman on a Dream Machine Pro. Now, I’m trying to use this container to forward the traffic like we usually do through /etc/sysctl.conf.

However, that file is not prevalent on this container. Should I be doing something else to expose the container to the UDM? Will the UDM even be able to forward the traffic in the same way we have done with RPI’s and the like?

Thanks community!

I did it on a UDM. The point is that you have to redirect through the Zerotier account.
Get into the Zerotier network → advanced, after that you have to add ‘destination’ and ‘via’ on add routes. Destination is the network that you have create on the UDM (ex: and via is the zerotier IP of the UDM. Be carfull not to have the same network on more than two points (ex:

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