ZT over proxy/tunnel, multi-homed hosts

My specific network environment does not allow UDP traffic between leaf nodes, but various modes of UDP-over-TCP work in p2p connections (fake-tcp/wss/tls/etc). I’m trying to setup a ZT client inside a docker container, where apart from the direct network access (eth0), an extra virtual interfaces (say eth1) acts as a TPROXY, routing the traffic through the aforementioned tunnel. The end of this tunnel could be in another country. Hence if you did “curl ip.me --interface eth0” you’d get a different answer that if you used eth1.

Is this setup viable with a multi-path setup: Multipath | ZeroTier Documentation, where one interface is direct UDP and another is UDP-over-TCP (e.g. as fallback). Or having two separate public IPs on different interfaces going to cause issues?

There might be other, possibly more elegant, solutions that use private roots/moons. Any thoughts?

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