ZT suddenly not able to connect to other devices on ZT network

Hi there, I recently setup a solution using ZT so that 2 users could access a machine that hosts a scheduling software and suddenly one of the users (mac user) cannot access the resources on the other machines. I am also not able to ping the machine from any of the other machines with zerotier on it. Nor am I able to ping out to any of the other machines from that particular mac. The other mac user is working fine and ZT doesn’t show any errors and is authenticated. What is also strange is that it was working fine for about a day and I made no changes to any of the setup and suddenly its not working.

I’ve reinstalled about 3 times/restarted/ de-authed re-authed Checked the users ISP firewall and nothing is being blocked.

Anyone got any ideas as to why ZT would just suddenly stop working on that particular mac? (its running catalina if that is of any help)

So the setup looks like this:
WIndows 10 Machine that has Schedule software and has ZT on it
2 Mac machines that have ZT and they connect to the database on the windows machine for their software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot figure out anything.

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