1.6.3 iOS no change from 1.6.2 problems

Does anyone have a similar problem? It might just be an iOS related issue but I’m trying to remote into two different computers on different networks and NONE of the remote streaming sessions are stable even on the newest version 1.6.3. Apps such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, Rainway, Moonlight Game Stream seem to terminate every 5 minutes connected to it. I tried on my old iPhone 6s and iPad and those devices show symptoms of a weird bug. I tried uninstalling Zero Tier on iOS even on the windows computer too and the iPad and the iPhone keep disconnecting repeatedly. I even reset all settings, including the network to factory settings on my old iPhone 6s and it didn’t help anything.

See iPhone App - disappointing?

I have upgraded the iPhone app to 1.6.3. No change. Someiing still fundamentally ‘unfinished’ about iPhone/iPad interworking.

Resorted to installing PiVPN Wireguard as a short-term work around, just for security and anonymity when away from home. It would be bertter to have one solution for my Road Warrior needs instead.

ZeroTier works briliantly with other devices, just not iPhone at present.

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