Access physical LAN of a Windows ZeroTier device

I’d like to be able to access devices on the physical network of my Windows ZeroTier devices; specifically my router’s web console, and with the capability to access printers.

Physical LAN Subnet:
Physical Router IP:
Device Physical IP:
Device ZeroTier IP:

I’ve followed countless guides from ZeroTier, Reddit and other sites, but can’t get it working. I’m able to achieve this using Tailscale by advertising my subnet. I’ve read in many places that I need to configure a static route on my modem/router, but I don’t need to do this with Tailscale and would hope not either with ZeroTier. I’m not a networking expert so maybe the underlying technologies do make this a requirement.

Any help would be appreciated!

That was discussed a few times in this forum.
Here is an example: Remote Access to IP Cameras - #3 by AndrewZ

I (I think correctly) added the managed route in my ZeroTier admin console, but that most describes having to add a static route on my home router, which I mentioned I didn’t want to have to do, as I don’t with Tailscale and was hoping not to have to do with ZeroTier either. That post also doesn’t provide technical steps for enabling forwarding between the network adapters in Windows.

forwarding was discussed as well, please search

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