Any updates on the windows 10 driver signature related PORT_ERROR issue?

Just a followup on the thread listed below regarding Windows 10 periodically flaking out and considering the network interface driver to be unsigned… in this issue @zt_grant helpfully offered:

“There seems to be a bug in Windows that is causing the driver to fail to load after a certain amount of time… Digging into windows internals, after several network joins (loading the driver & creating a virtual adapter), Windows no longer recognizes the code signature on the driver as valid, even though it’s recognized as valid on first boot… Only workaround we have at the moment is to reboot when ZeroTier gets stuck in this state, and don’t leave/join networks repeatedly.”

I am getting this error currently with 1.6.2… any update on this topic, either a better workaround or any idea about upcoming releases?

This product could be extremely useful to my group, but currently it is not production-ready for windows use for us because of this unfortunate issue.



If you upgraded to 1.6.2 from a previous version, you may need to leave & rejoin your network(s) for the new driver to be loaded properly. Outside of that, make sure Windows is up to date, give it a reboot, or follow instructions here to manually load the driver.

It was a new install, no prior version.
To be clear, the last word on this was that there was a bug in windows and that the best workaround available was to reboot when it happened and try not to join/leave networks often. Is this still the case?
I am unclear on what the message is on this, because your note above seems on some level to suggest the issue is fixed and this problem is no more, but on the other hand there has been no update of ZT since the November 2020 thread and I am not clear on how the situation would have been fixed since then.
Fundamentally, is this issue fixed as far as ZT is concerned, or are we still without a better workaround than was described previously?
Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate the product and your guidance.

That bug has been fixed in 1.6.2. The text you quoted was for a release prior to that.

Thank you for the clarification, I really appreciate it.

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