Cannot join a network anymore with an old zerotier-one client version


I had an installation of ZeroTier-One v1.4.6 on a device, which has been working well for a long time.

However, if I delete the configuration folder (/var/lib/zerotier-one on my Raspbian system), but for the networks.d folder (containing the ID of the network I want to automatically join at start-up), and I regenerate the identity.secret file, ZeroTier-One will not be able to get ONLINE again:

  • zerotier-cli info shows the node as OFFLINE
  • the node (with the new ID, as I regenerated the secret) does not show up at all in the ZeroTier Central dashboard
  • a packet sniffer shows UDP datagrams being sent from the node to the 4 “stable endpoints” of ZeroTier Inc., that is, the ones hardcoded in the source code (IP addresses,,, and, but no answers whatsoever coming in the other direction

If I update ZeroTier-One to version 1.8.4, the issue is resolved: the node goes ONLINE and it can be authorised from ZeroTier Central.

Please note:

  • I tried to rollback to the old client (v1.4.6) and I can reproduce the issue
  • Moreover, a different device, running OpenWrt instead of Raspbian, behaves the same (OFFLINE with client v1.4.6, ONLINE with v1.8.4)
  • Another device which has been connected via ZeroTier-One 1.4.6 for a while has NOT stopped working, but in my understanding it does not talk to the central ZeroTier-One Inc. servers, but its planet is farther away from the root

Are the stable endpoints still serving requests from old ZeroTier-One clients?

Many thanks in advance.


thank you for writing. This should be resolved now.

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