Can't enable the network (can't set the slider to the right)

I’m having problems similar to the ones here Android 1.10.3 Problems continued - #15 by adrian_warne1701 I’m running Android 9, and my ZeroTier version is 1.12.0-3.

I simply open the app, create a network, enter the network ID, but when I try to move the slider to the right to enable the connection, I just can’t. It won’t stick to the right, it comes right back to the disabled position. At the bottom, I see “Node address not set OFFLINE”.

My network does work: I have two computers in it, and they see each other.

Update: have downgraded to 1.8.6-1. Now I can slide the slider to the right. But at the bottom it says “OFFLINE” and it never goes online.

Got it working now. It was a problem with the VPN I use. Since I also use it in Windows and Linux with ZeroTier without any problems, I thought Android wouldn’t have a problem with it, either. But it’s not the case, apparently Android cannot handle two VPN services at once. So I disabled the other VPN, I disabled the “Always on” option, and now it works.

FWIW putting ZeroTier in the split tunneling options of the VPN didn’t work.

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