Communication between physical interfaces and ZT in windows?


I’m new to this platform and I’ve been testing the ZT technology recommended by a friend for a few days. I’m enjoying it and I’m quite satisfied with the simplicity, but I have a question that I need help from more experienced people.

I need communication between the physical network interfaces of Windows side A with side B through ZT. My scenario is this:

The routes I have created are these!

This device (FRB2-NT-MFARES(note) has physical IP address being on the local network interface. I would like it to communicate with the other local network interface of the VM-FDMSVRSI-2019 device containing the IP address physical

It is possible?

I even changed this registry key on both computers on both sides but I can’t get ICMP between their physical network interfaces through ZT

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
Change the entry IPEnableRouter REG DWORD to 1

Can anybody help me?
Excuse my English mistakes, I’m from Brazil

You have to enable “Packet Forwarding” on both the Ethernet and ZT interfaces. Search this forum for it.

But isn’t packet forwarding the registry key I mentioned above being (IPEnableRouter REG DWORD to 1) ?
I’m sorry I’m new and I need help

Check this:

I followed this step you put above, but I don’t know if I did it correctly. I just need bi-directional communication between the local (physical) network interfaces on both remote sides as captured below:

Could you see if everything is ok?

Both sides have this option enabled:

Remembering that I still have the registry key (IPEnableRouter) turned on both sides to 1. Do I still need it?

Please see my attempt to explain the routing in a simple way: Zerotier router setup not working - #4 by AndrewZ

A few advices:

  • do not use 10.x.x.x in Managed IPs, there is a potential overlap with the mobile broadband IP assignments
  • do not use 192.168.x.x in Managed IPs, there is a potential overlap with LAN address space
  • use smaller subnet for Managed IPs, i.e. something like and assign all the addresses manually/statically

Assuming you have a router or a PC acting as a router, create a managed route like this: via

where is a LAN behind the router and is a ZT assigned IP

Do you advise having a computer or master router that plays the role of GATEWAY for end-to-end communication between physical interfaces on both sides?

If your main router can run ZeroTier, that will be probably the best option.
Alternatively you can have a computer (I suggest Linux) that will act as a router between ZeroTier network and LAN. The main router will need a static route for ZT network via that gateway computer.

And when I have high latency only through the ZT tunnel?

The green station has IP is trying to reach 4.10 and vice versa. The green station is a virtual machine but it does not have a CPU overload, and Internet browsing is normal, as well as Tracert directly to the IP of the destination operator where the green machine is hosted.

Note, I only have high latency on this green station. At the other stations, communication between them is normal. Does anyone have any tips on how to resolve this?

Any tips to avoid high latency without using Gateways, just VPN between end to end with hosts at both ends?

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