Connecting two LANs (routing) using ZT on Windows

Hi, I would like to connect two different LANs, at routing level:

  • LAN1 ( is my home network, with a ADSL Router and a Windows PC with ZT client installed, plus other Laptops and IOT devices (no other ZT installed).
  • LAN2 ( is a remote network in another home, with 4G/LTE Router and a Windows PC with ZT installed, plus other devices connected through WiFi (IOT devices, air conditioners, TV) or through a separate network interface on the Windows PC (LAN3) for some wired surveillance cameras.

I wish I could be able to reach all devices on LAN2 from my LAN1 home network; the same from LAN2 vs. LAN1 (less important). The two ZT clients are working and can see each other, via ZT network.

I hope I was clear.
Thanks for your help.

Solved using Remote Access to IP Cameras - #3 by AndrewZ

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