Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-one symbol not found

hello, thanks

trying to install zerotier to openwrt,
getting the following error,
please help, thanks

root@HOME01:~# zerotier-one
Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-one: _ZNSt6thread15_M_start_threadESt10unique_ptrINS_6_StateESt14default_deleteIS1_EEPFvvE: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-one: _ZNSt6thread6_StateD2Ev: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-one: _ZTINSt6thread6_StateE: symbol not found

i found this but did not solve

Hey there. The OpenWRT integration is an external project. You might be able to get better help on the GitHub page for the port.

Aside from that, did you use the openwrt package manager to install it? It looks like a error with the linker, so if not, it may not be a package for the correct version of OpenWRT

hi, thanks,

i did see that githib page, will try there.

do you offer per-compiled portable executables, that i can simple copy to whatever machine i am working on?

We don’t build, distribute or have any of the OpenWRT packages on our site. It’s all done by OpenWRT. It’s best to just use their package manager to get it.

For other Platforms & OSes, please see the download page


fwiw, with rclone, i just download the correct executable for my cpu type.
so if i need, MIPS - Big Endian, i just download rclone, then chmod +x and it works.
no install script needed, no dependencies, a portable app.

Hopefully that continues to work for you, but it’s not a method we support for installing ZeroTier. There are so many differences between Linux distributions that it does not often work well.

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