How to enable routing/bridging between ZP VPN and local network?


I have set up a Zerotier VPN, running:

  1. client on a Win10 laptop (sitting behind a Wifi router ( using mobile net)
    VPN IP:, Wifi-LAN IP:
  2. and on an Android phone.
    VPN IP:

I can ping the mobile from laptop and the other way around, using the VPN IP adresses. (this tells me that the VPN is alive)
I’d like to access other devices from the mobile on the local network connected to the wifi router.
I assume this requires some routing/bridging between the VPN subnet and the Wifi Subnet, but I’ve run out of ideas, knowledge is needed here…

  • I’ve tried on/off setting of Ethernet bridging for the laptop on ZT Central
  • I’ve enabled routing and enabled IP forwarding in windows
  • I’ve added and removed several routing entries in windows and in ZT Central
    (I assumed a simple–> would do, possibly changing it to --> later )
  • I’ve even tried to Bridge the Wi-Fi and ZT adapters in windows (this adds a new IP to the adapter which makes it more complicated)
  • I’ve tried to make ZT IP autoassign IP addresses to be the same subnet as my Wifi, did not work (is it possible?)
  • I’ve tried to switch off ZT IP autoassign

Zero success.

As a first step I assume if the laptop on could be pinged from the mobile, that would be a good sign.
Then I could go to the next step to access other devices, possibly change the routing (in ZT? in windows?) to the Wifi router(?) or the router where the target device connected to.

What to be done? If it is possible it cannot be so extremely complex?!
(is it possible?)
It appears to be such an everyday case, that I wonder why I can’t find any similar topics.

Thanks in advance,

See Remote Access to IP Cameras - #3 by AndrewZ

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