HTTP library in Swift/ObjC that allows custom sockets?

Hi there, I’m attempting to use libzt in my React Native iOS app to communicate with a user’s private VPS over ZT. I’ve got the VPS running a self-hosted controller and the iOS app accesses libzt via Swift.

Everything seems to be working well, but now I’m realizing that I’m on my own for implementing HTTP over the ZT socket, correct? I think the way ZT recommends doing this is by setting up an iOS VPN via the ZeroTier One iOS app, which would then remove any need for my app to handle the networking.

I may go this route, but I’m curious about users who do not want to use the ZT VPN for all of their traffic on every app. Or the cumbersome UX of sending the user to another app and installing a VPN.

Is there a library for HTTP that I can use instead of implementing all the needed methods myself? Something where I could just provide the ZT socket and let the library handle the rest? Am I thinking of this problem the wrong way?