I took the liberty of making a Custom Compact Formatted Version of both the Setting Help & The Members Help Guides.

Note; These are for Discord. I’ll make a Formatted Version for the Website Soon. I just Do Not Know When.

Here is a more Compact Formatted Version of the Members Help on the Zero Tier One Website;


  • Auth: Authorized members can communicate with other members (public access if no Auth column)

  • Address: Unique ZeroTier ID for each node

  • Name & Description: Customizable labels for easy device identification (use valid hostnames for DNS tools)

  • Managed IPs: IP addresses used in ZeroTier (auto-assigned or manual setup)

  • Last Seen: Timestamp of last network controller check-in

  • Physical IP: Member’s physical IP address (likely router/modem IP)

  • Delete: Remove node from member list (can be re-added manually if needed)


Here is a Compact, Formatted Version of the Zero Tier One Settings Help on the Website;

Network Settings

  • Network ID: Unique 16-digit ID (cannot be changed)
  • Name: User-defined short name (e.g. (link unavailable) or email address)
  • Description: Longer description of the network
  • Access Control: Membership control (default: Certificate)
  • Multicast Recipient Limit: Max recipients for Ethernet multicast/broadcast (0 disables multicast)

Managed Routes

  • IPv4/IPv6 Routes: Publish routes to network members for gateways on ZeroTier network

Auto-Assign IP Ranges

  • IPv4: Auto-assign IPs from defined range
  • IPv6: Auto-assign using RFC4193, 6PLANE, or user-defined range

DNS Push
__(Requires ZeroTier v1.6+)__

  • Automatically add DNS servers: For specific domain on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Requires AllowDNS option: Enabled on each client