Lots of unrecognized members, not authorized, maybe iPhone related?

I’ve suddenly noticed 21 non-authorized members from the last 2 weeks. Haven’t seen this in the previous ~1 year of using ZT. All the mac addresses start with “32:” and all the IPs are either my cell carrier or my ISP. I wonder if this has to do with the way Apple iPhone / iPad randomizes its mac address on WiFi. Certainly it doesn’t do this over VPN connections too?

Edit: I noticed this corresponds (roughly, I think) to changing the change of the setting “Enable On Demand (beta)” in the mobile app on my phone. That makes me think this is caused by the messy confluence of these things:

  1. iPhone Settings → Cellular → Limit IP Address Tracking
  2. iPhone Settings → Wi-Fi, per network → Private Wi-Fi Address
  3. iPhone Settings → VPN → Connect On Demand
  4. ZeroTier app → Enable On Demand (beta)

@mikecross saw your old post about this, I think it’s related to the way the iPhone (optionally) randomizes its network identity to obscure tracking On Demand keeps creating new client addresses

Those MAC addresses are related to the zerotier network, not your devices physical MACs.

Best guess is your network ID is posted publicly somewhere on the internet? And people are trying to join it.
If that’s annoying and you have don’t have that many devices, just make a new network and move everything thing over.

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