(Mostly) success with TrueNAS SCALE & ZeroTier

I wanted to document my experiences (mostly success) with setting up ZeroTier inside a TrueNas SCALE app

TrueNAS version: TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2

The ZeroTier app was part of the standard catalog, I didn’t have to add TrueCharts. I just went to my Apps catalog and clicked install.

When setting the ZeroTier options, fill out your Network ID into the field provided

At first my ZeroTier did not persist between app start-ups. When the app restarted I would get a fresh entry in my ZeroTier admin panel.

To solve this I filled out “Identity Secret” and “Identity Public”.

I obtained these values by going to another machine on my network which already successfully had ZeroTier installed. I then used this command

zerotier-idtool generate identity.secret identity.public

This generated two files which contained the values needed.

I filled out “Auth Token (API Key)” using an API key obtained from ZeroTier admin. I am unsure if this is required but I did it anyway.

I had to click the option for “Host Network”.

I can now access my TrueNAS SCALE machine via the external ZeroTier IP. I can also restart the ZeroTier app on TrueNAS and it persists the same external IP.

I say “mostly” success because the ZeroTier app in TrueNAS always seems to get stuck in the “Deploying” state. When I shutdown the app and start it again, at first the app goes to the “Running” state and then after a few seconds flicks back to the “Deploying” state. However everything seems to be working I can access TrueNAS via it ZeroTier external IP.

The final app log entry says “Startup probe failed: unknown network ID, check that you are a member of the network”, however everything works.