Network history

Hi Guys!
I traveled in the last couple of months because of bussiness, and I used zerotier to connect myself with my home network. I lost one of my notebooks on the way, and I dont know where. Do you have some history of the data like those, that I can get using the api, to help me recover the device? If I could get the last physical IP of the device, I could at least know, where was the last time I had it, cause now I can only see that its inactive. Or if I could see the last couple of IP adresses, I could see if somebody has opened it, and used it, or traveled with it, or something like this.
Its a last result idea, I can understand if you have no such data saved, thanks for your time reading this.


Sorry about the loss of your notebook. We don’t keep historical data of IP addresses nodes are contacting the controller from. That would be ton of data to keep if we did. The only address that would possibly be available is whatever is listed on your network configuration page. That may be unavailable if it wasn’t able to make a direct connection to the controller though.

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Thanks for the fast answer, at least I tried. I hoped that (because these are not huge files) you store the last day/last week in a DB(ofc I know you have at least infinite nodes connected, but I hoped). Anyway, thanks again, have a nice weekend!