Newbie to linux, need help with saving ip route? - Steam Deck (Archlinux)

Newbie to linux here…I setup Zerotier on my steam deck(Archlinux), allowed broadcast on my network, everything works fine except it wont save the broadcast route to ipv4 after a reboot.

Command I used:

sudo nmcli connection modify ZEROTIERNAME ipv4.route-metric 1
sudo nmcli connection up ZEROTIERNAME
sudo route add -host dev ZEROTIERNAME (for lan game broadcast)

I read about iptables, systemd and zerotier local.conf but cant figure a way out.

Everything works except it wont survive a restart…I am a newbie to linux and I am pulling my hair out, anyone can help?

Which game are you troubleshooting? And what kind of error or misbehavior did you get prior to doing this?

My guess is that this scripted configuration doesn’t survive reboots because the rule is (probably) being clobbered whenever another interface is plumbed.

Thanks for your reply,

I am using it for Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2.

If i add to ipv4 and don’t restart my steam deck, everything is fine, host a room and client can join the room. If I don’t add that however, client can’t see a hosted room.

The only problem is that cannot be added to the ipv4 route permanently , therefore I have to add that manually after I reboot.

I wanted to add a sh to auto add to ipv4, however the sh requires a sudo password that can’t execute automatically.

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