Poor Throughput - Edgerouter 4

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Been using ZT for a while P2P with clients installed on server / devices no issues at all.

Recently I decided to install ZT on my ER-4 to make it easier to access my home network devices without installing a client on each, this is all working perfect and internal devices can access external ZT devices fine without the client installed.

Issue now is i’m seeing poor performance from devices that are routing via the ER4, and from the ER4 itself.

Other windows / Linux clients i can hit ~200Mbps easily, however via / from the ER4 itself i’m struggling to breach ~25Mbps.

Has anyone else had this issue and figured out a solution? I have hardware offloading enabled on the ER4, and even when i’m hammering iperf with ~10 parallel connections, my ER4 is only sat at about 20% CPU so it doesnt appear to be a lack of resources on the ER4.

Thanks in advance!

IP offload module   : loaded
  forwarding: enabled
  vlan      : enabled
  pppoe     : enabled
  gre       : enabled
  bonding   : enabled
  forwarding: enabled
  vlan      : disabled
  pppoe     : enabled
  bonding   : disabled

IPSec offload module: loaded

Traffic Analysis    :
  export    : disabled
  dpi       : disabled
    version       : 1.564

ER4 has 4 cores, so the above implies that it’s not going to go beyond 100% of 1 core.

Interesting, that sounds like it’s only using a single core for IPSEC? Although I would have thought offloading would have got round that,…

Anything I can do?


Yup, definitely only using a single core for some reason, not sure if this is a zerotier limitation or an EdgeOS / Ubiquiti thing


We are seeing the same awful throughput on a 700mhz Teltonika router as well. Only one core used

Kind of glad it’s not my setup, but on the other hand, is this a know issue that the devs can’t fix? Not sure the best way to get them to comment on this, i’m on the free plan (for now until this can be used in production) so limited to the forum here.


Yes, we’re aware of this problem, and have a fix in development.
Thanks for reporting!

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Great cheers @sean.omeara, don’t suppose there’s any rough kind of ETA?

No definitive timeline, but on the order of months. It’ll be part of the 2.0 upstream, which is under heavy active development.

Thanks Sean, appreciate the update!

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