Router appliance throughput

We are looking to use Zerotier in a variety of deployments and really don’t want to be building our own hardware. So I am looking at what sort of throughput can be attained with various ready-made, vendor-supported router models [eg from Ubiquiti, Teltonika and Mikrotik].

If you’ve got direct knowledge of how well a given router performs, please reply with your experience

Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4: 20Mbps [source Poor Throughput - Edgerouter 4 ]

Mikrotik HAP AC3: 20Mbps [source Zerotier very slow speeds - MikroTik ]

Mikrotik RB5009: 100Mbps (limited by WAN throughput so potentially higher) [source: Zerotier very slow speeds - MikroTik ]

Routerboard 1100AHx4: getting 75-90Mbps out of this. Seems “asymmetric”, TX is faster than RX although the difference is small.

Thanks for testing.

Just FYI I’ve seen zerotier kind of fall over on single core VMs when the available bandwidth exceeds processing power. If you limit the tester or throttle interface to some lower number you can get more stable faster results. I don’t know if any of the routers you’re testing are single core…

Single core on my ER4 here Travis - Poor Throughput - Edgerouter 4

Doesn’t fall over or crash, is just very slow :frowning:

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