Port forward from home network to remote server

Hi, I have a problem.
I’ve got a server (hosting a game server) in a remote location. On that server thers Zerotier adapter and that server is connectet to my ZT network.

My ZT network is bridged trought raspberry pi3 with my LAN network and it looks like this:
LAN = DHCP .100.3 - .100.127
RPi3 -
ZT network = DHCP .100.128 - .100.254
Server (with ZT interface) = (static)

My goal → on my home router to forward two tcp/udp ports (let’s say 12345 and 98765) to remote server with ZeroTier help. I can connect remotly to my serwer from home, but forowarding those ports directly to does nothing (I have even disabled server firewall but still nothing).

I don’t know what else should I do. Maybe forward those ports on RPi3 and then in ZT controller forward them to my server(if it’s possible)? I hope that someone has an solution for this and thanks for your answers!

Do I understand correctly, the Server (with ZT interface) is away in a remote location? The remote subnet is set to the same as the local subnet 192.168.100/24?
I would put the remote server in a different subnet. And then for example install Zerotier on RPi3.
Then you could do the port forwarding on your RPi3.

incoming interface: "RPi4 LAN interface name"
incoming port: 12345
outgoing interface: "RPi4 ZeroTier interface name"
destination IP: "Remote Server IP Address"
destination port: 12345

You want to forward from your router’s public IP to the ZeroTier network?

One common gotcha with these kinds of setups is the traffic needs to know how to return back to where it came from.

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