Problem updating 1.6.5 to 1.8.4 on win81 64b (please wait while windows configures zero tier one...)

Hi. Yesterday I started the update of my main computer to 1.8.4. I was on 1.6.5. I try ten times, rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling 1.6.5, uninstalling, stoping zerotier service through services.msc, etc.

The problem with 1.8.4 was two setup screens stucked forever without finishing installation. One is the one in this attach, and the second window I think I remember it says only a text ‘Preparing…’.

The funny thing is that when I’m in this stage… my pings to zerotier networks reply perfectly. And zerotier is up and running at the taskbar, and if I enter zerotier central, I see this machine online, green and ON 1.8.4!!!. The problem is that if I close windows or logoff while the ‘Please wait…’ zerotier setup screen is still there, I think it is marked in some way by the system, that windows removes the unfinished installation of 1.8.4 when restart. It does something that when I re-enter windows, there is no trace of zerotier 1.8.4. App doesn’t open any more.

I left it all night with both screens and nothing happened. Both unfinished windows were there in the morning.

In the morning I try 1.8.1 and went smooth!. No problems. I saw a new window saying something like ‘Installing Microsoft Edge webview2…’ and finish without problems. With 1.8.1 installed I try then 1.8.2 over it, and no problem, 1.8.3, no problem, 1.8.4 and stucked again.

This time only one window stucked. The ‘Please wait while windows configure zerotier one, X seconds remaining…’ And got stucked there (again 1.8.4 working in the background but)… as soon as I reboot, 1.8.4 dissapears and I’m on 1.8.3 working version again :-/

Conclusion, 1.6.5 to 1.8.3 upgrades ok, 1.8.4 isn’t working for me.

I’m on windows 8.1 Enterprise 64b (16gb ram). Thanks for hearing.

For everyone else with this or a similar problem:

The latest half working version of ZeroTier on (x64) Windows 8.1 (Pro) is 1.8.3.

One still needs to install version 1.6.6 [1] first and make sure it works and so on.
Then upgrade to/with version 1.8.3 - this will keep the VNIC/TAP driver from 1.6.6 but everything else will be from the almost current version.
Note: It may be necessary to re-install 1.8.3 more then once and/or install the VNIC/TAP driver manually[2].

It seems not only windows 7 support was dropped with versions > 1.8
see here

[1] see official download page or:

[2] (I can’t post more than two links in on post…)

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