Waiting for zerotier system service. again. windows 10 x64

I have installed the downloaded today zerotier on Windows 10 x64. The tray icon always says “waiting for zerotier system service”. I tried deleting authtoken.secret files, reinstalling, changing permissions. No effect.
When i try
C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One>zerotier-one_x64.exe -q join
i get
zerotier-one_x64.exe: missing port and zerotier-one.port not found in C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One
All that i have in this directory is
06/13/2023 12:14 PM 24 authtoken.secret
06/13/2023 10:04 AM 141 identity.public
06/13/2023 10:04 AM 270 identity.secret
06/13/2023 12:04 PM networks.d
06/13/2023 10:04 AM 570 planet
06/13/2023 12:04 PM tap-windows
03/22/2023 03:08 PM 6,577,120 zerotier-one_x64.exe

I don’t see any zerotier network adapter neither. It looks like windows client simply does not work for many reasons.

I see dozens of such topics not resolved and auto-closed after 30 days. I think, 30 days is too fast, it should be 1 year at least.
And it seems that nobody really cares about disfunctioning windows client.
Can you fix it or make sure it works?

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Looks like ZeroTier is not running for some reason. You could reboot and it should start. The service is set to start automatically on boot. Otherwise you can go into the service manager and start it manually from there.

Sure, i have checked, the service was running. It has troubles to stop, but starts normally and automatically.
Can other VPN clients interfere on the same Windows machine?

Yes, other VPN clients could certainly interfere.

This is first time i hear that VPN clients can interfere with each other. Never experienced it. Why zerotier is so fragile? Why it could not create its own network adapter?
Other VPN clients don’t give a shit and work…
Or maybe this is not related to other clients…
The error message, does it mean that zerotier has lost some of its files (or never install them)?

I said it could be another VPN. I can’t say for sure if it is or not.

Another thing it could be is that you said you changed permissions on the ZeroTier folder. This could potentially prevent ZeroTier from writing the .port file in your error message. I recommend completely uninstalling ZeroTier, and also removing the C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier folder. Once reinstalled, permissions will be correct.

Additionally, no network device is created by ZeroTier until you join a network. Network devices are created for each network you join.

OK, I have deleted all the folders, logged in as an administrator, and then it seems to begin working, but not connecting. Probably the problems were related to the inability of installer to install under non-admin user.
The network menu opens and says “Requesting configuration”.
I have already on my home network (behind NAT) one working device. This Windows 10 computer
is a second device, and it cannot connect.
How to configure different default listening port?

OK, i have to add/modify listening port.

I have created C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One\local.conf (as the same administrative user), which contains something like:
I have created a port forwarding on my ISP router to that device/port.
Then i have restarted zerotier service on the device (windows).
Then after 1 minute the device came up. I can now ping. And i can access other devices!
Thanks to all.

I totally agree that this problem seems to be being ignored. When launching ZeroTier it briefly shows the ZeroTier icon on Windows system tray for a few seconds, then immediately disappears as soon as I move my mouse pointer towards it. Very frustrating. Looking at competing products.

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