Zero Tier One Disconnecting on iPhone

The connection drops after a few seconds or few minutes, sometimes will even hold on for 10s of minutes, but it always automatically drops on iOS. I’ve asked about this several times over the past year and it’s always “will look at it eventually.” When do you think this can be resolved? It’s critical to my team’s workflow, and really hampering us. Please update. Thank you!

Unfortunately what you’re seeing here isn’t something I can reproduce, let alone reproduce while running in a debugger.

Interesting… I have at least 10 team members who have this issue.

From Travis in August 2020: It’s kind of a known “issue”. We just don’t know exactly what causes iOS to disconnected the “VPN”.

We’re looking in to an “always on” feature, but I don’t have a ship date on that yet.

Then in February 2021: Unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe for this. Will definitely add your comments to the open issue we have and try to get it bumped up in priority.

There’s also this thread from September: ZT on IOS will silently disconnect after some time

And this one from October: Always-On for iOS

Always On VPN is a non starter on iOS, unfortunately. They don’t allow the use of custom VPN implementations for it, and cannot be configured outside of a Mobile Device Management context.

And yes, we know that the disconnect happens to some users. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we can recreate it.

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UPDATE: Our team has built a working solution for iOS Connect On Demand. This official (supported by apple) method is the most feasible way to solve many use-cases such as this one for iOS constant connectivity. We’re inviting a group of users to help us test it.

If you’re interested in testing this feature, please fill out this form and apply to join our iOS test flight team.