ZeroTier on Unifi Dream Machine

Hello Everybody,
i found a method to connect Unifi Dream Machines to ZeroTier Network.
i didn’t tested if it survive to a reboot or firmware upgrade but it works like a charm.
I discovered ZeroTier very recently and I am really amazed.

look at this method ;

That’s interesting, wonder if it would work on a Cloud Key Gen2+ as well. Does it just run as a client to give access to the UDM itself? Or can it work as an edge device routing the ZeroTier network to all clients on the LAN of the UDM?

i don’t know for cloudkey.
It works like a charm has edge device, routing between difference LANs

I can confirm that it survive to firmware upgrade,
i only have to restart it manually :

podman start zerotier-one

life is beautifull