Windows Ethernet Bridging

I may be the only one here to use this but if anyone is interested in a quick how-to on how to bridge a Zerotier NIC to a physical NIC for a VPN solution on awindows machine(with VLAN support on the edge devices!!, I use this for bridging two building together with a guest network) . I use it at my current place of work. I have about 45 odd devices all attached via zerotier so everyone can use active directory and our local resources on and off campus with any user intervention. I’m not linux versed so using windows was my only way.

Ive been using it for 6 months and its been rock solid! Thank you guys for this awesome piece of software.

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I’d say, post the steps whether you get replies or not. All published info and setups are invaluable.


Yes, please. I definitely could use this.
thank you.

Hey @HorizonsCT! Since it seems you’ve figured out how to make bridging on windows work, we’d absolutely love it if you wrote up a post for the Tips and Guides section of the forum here. Everything in there is subject to moderator approval, but if you write something up on this topic we’ll make sure it gets up in there! It’s a pretty common question.

Did not realize bridging would be an issue. All my sites are brushed. Can access all resources from 13 different locations on the same network. I’ve bridged the router, so the endpoints do not require the windows installation. All sites can communicate via local ip :slight_smile: